Has Cigna Abused You?

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Please post your Cigna horror stories here.

Have you been subjected to unethical or dishonest practices by Cigna? Have they denied your greatly needed medical care? Have they refused to pay your medical expenses? Have they engaged in the grossly unethical practice of “balance billing?” Have Cigna’s employees lied to you? If you have been subjected to any of these (or other) issues please post it in our forum.

This site was established after Cigna lied, on multiple occasions, about their refusal to pay the surgeon (as an in-network doctor) who conducted an emergency coronary bypass surgery at an in-network hospital, Morristown Medical Center, NJ. Although Cigna clearly states that the hospital is an in-network facility, the hospital provided an out-of-network doctor and the doctor has billed for over $8,400! This is an unethical practice in which patients are shocked to receive huge medical bills when they go to in-network hospitals where 100% of the bills are supposed to be covered under insurance.

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